Why should you study in Europe?

Why is Europe the best destination? 

First of all, Europe is known for having an incredibly rich history and not only this, but they also have the best art in the world, this is an opportunity for indulging yourself into this incredible culture and past. Europe offers a vast number of unique places and cultures within small areas, indicating that you have hundreds of countries to explore within a short distance. To further encourage you to take this incredible journey for your education, you can actually take weekend trips around different countries and from there you can learn different languages, taste delicious foods, and discover hundreds of diverse cultures. Europe gives world-class education and research as many of the best universities in the world are in Europe, so you will be getting the best education for the future. 

To travel to the different countries, you surprisingly would not even need a car, this is because the logistics in Europe are highly developed meaning that you can take a train or bus and arrive to any country that you wish. This signifies that you do not need a car or any other transport as the costs for this public transport is relatively low and you would not have to pay any insurance or loans for personal transport. Europe offers the best health care system in the world which has been ranked by WHO, not only this but also the health care is free to all and is extremely effective, it applies to all areas of Europe, so you need not worry about insurance as in America or other areas around the world. 

European countries make an effort to ensure you are most influenced to stay, and they will even grant you a job offer quite quickly to push you in your education. This will help you in your studies and will also give you an income whilst doing what you love. In Europe there is a wide range of education options, and they are all free for you to pick: they include: Arts, zoology, and anything else you could possibly imagine. This wide range symbolizes freedom and the ability of choice, this just allows you to experience everything that you might have wanted to try and anything you may want to try in the future. The higher education systems are also very well respected and aligned expressing that the systems are working and that communities support its effectiveness. 

Overall, the tuition fees are exceptionally low compared to the US, Canada, and Australia, this can additionally be positively decreased because some European countries do not have tuition fees and most countries have lots of scholarship opportunities and financial help, ensuring your future is as bright as it can be. 

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