Why choose us?

Why choose Euro Scholars? 

Euro Scholars has a team of highly spirited and dedicated individuals, in addition to this as soon as you submit the application to be accepted, they take the first steps to helping you, by giving you an advisor. 

These advisors and the company Euro Scholars itself 

  • Evaluate your choices with getting into the University of your choice. 
  • Help you find the best available offer to study abroad. 
  • Guide you through the admission and visa process. 
  • Can arrange pickup from the airport and assistance with you accommodation. 
  • We will help with legalising your residency in your destination country. 
  • Euro Scholars carefully select the university for you based on location, city development, education standards, internationalization, student and local community, job prospects, travel, transport, leisure and entertainment, and other options. 
  • We will also help with currency exchange, getting a travel card, general awareness, emergency services and care when arriving in your new country. 
  • And if there is any special need, we are available 24hrs every day. 
  • Lastly, they guarantee a quick admission process due to all the help and support. 

This is a lot more than other businesses are willing to do to help, so this in turn shows the passion that the team have for their job and also how effective the choice of picking Euro Scholars is because it provides you with the easiest and simplest solutions to travelling abroad. Additionally, this shows the extra mile that the team is willing to take just for its prosperous students. 

Another action that Euro Scholars take to help you is that they offer you the best scholarship opportunities, this is to inspire more students to travel abroad and get to experience the joy of studying abroad. Furthermore, we frequently host events such as seminars and job offers this is to increase the number of students who join and where they can join from around the world. 

Finally, Euro Scholars should be near the top of your list due to the fact that it is one of the largest student recruiters for Poland in Africa, Asia and most Eastern European countries. This implies through the response of students and amount of admissions, the reliance of Euro Scholars and that it is effective and useful to expand education and provide assistance for all students around the world. 


-Marta M

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