Our services

Euro Scholars Poland is recruiting international students into many universities all around the globe that offer studies in English. 

Our advisors will assist you from the moment you submit your application until you settle at your destination. 

  • We will evaluate your chances with getting into the University of your first choice  
  • We will help you to find the best available offer to study abroad 
  • Our team will guide you through your admission and visa process 
  • We can arrange pickup from airport and assistance with your accommodation. 
  • We will help you with legalizing your residency in your destination country.  Euro Scholars Poland carefully Select the University based on its location, City development, education standards, Internationalization, student and local community, job prospects, Travel, Transport, leisure and entertainment and further options.

    First steps in a new country might be very confusing. Euro Scholars Poland will help you make them with confidence. We will help you with all related issues too: currency exchange, getting a travel card, general awareness, emergency services and care.

    If there is any special need, Euro Scholars Poland can respond 24 hrs daily. We know how important it is for many of our students and their parents to feel safe and be worry free. We keep in touch with all the students & parents to ensure well-being and important deadlines such as visa extension, residence permits, are not missed. Thanks to our connections, depending on the issue, we can directly approach any university.