What to do after?

Opportunities after studying in Europe, what to do after degree? 

The most important things that you would receive from studying in Europe are the skills of : a deeper understanding of the history of Europe and how it came to be , General knowledge of socio-political processes in Europe and the challenges that are faced with this , discovering Europe first-hand gives you experience on the culture, habits and history of European countries , communication data, gathering and organisation skills , being able to present thoughts clearly and to be able to learn new info with this, being able to critically analyse problems, think creatively and make decisions, explain complex ideas and apply complex theoretical concepts to everyday life. 

 From European studies you would also be able to gain skills for management and teamwork such as: the capacity to lead and interact with people, work effectively in a group, ability to debate, persuade, mediate and present thoughts, the ability to identify priorities and perform actions to complete them. 

From recent studies the topic that most postgraduates find easiest and most relevant to study in are: 

• European public and private sectors • Foreign Affairs • EU Institutions and Agencies • International Organisations • Government Depts • NGOs and Charities • Research and Policy Analysis • Media and Journalism • Marketing, Communications and PR • Tourism • Consultancy and Administration • Academia and Teaching 

Some of the careers that can be aimed for with a European degree can include: 

  • Advertising Consultant 

  • Archivist 

  • Author 

  • Biographer 

  • Community Worker 

  • Cultural Interpreter 

  • Curator 

  • Diplomatic Services 

  • Editor/Publisher 

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Event Coordinator 

  • Foreign Correspondent 

  • Foreign Language Librarian 

  • Foreign Service Worker 

  • Freelance Writer 

  • Government Administrator 

  • Historian 

  • Historical Site Guide 

  • Human Resource Specialist 

  • International Lawyer 

  • IT sector
  • Journalist 

  • Legal Secretary 

  • Marketing 

  • Medical Field
  • Media Correspondent 

  • Non-profit Administrator 

  • Policy Advisor 

  • Politician 

  • Press Agent 

  • Professor 

  • Radio Host 

  • Speech Writer 

  • Teacher 

  • Travel Agent 

Not only can a European degree result to you receiving a job but also there are ways to expand this degree and further increase your knowledge, skills and understanding. A few of the things that you could do after receiving a degree in Europe are : Attending career workshops and talks given by post-graduates and professionals (this would be to understand the world of work and come in more prepared than before) , join professional networks to your chosen degree to start your potential career , book consultation about work at UCC career services(this would be useful if you have any queries about the world of work after a degree) , attend employer events(to get a chance of being potentially employed for your skills and degree) ,  develop you degree with post graduate studies( this is if you are looking to expand your knowledge and possibly go into more advanced fields such as a doctorate.  

– Marta M