It is not uncommon for Polish universities to offer Computer Science in several different departments, and this is dictated by the fact that the course we are discussing is a discipline that is applicable in various branches and fields, ranging from medicine to logistics.
An interesting fact is that IT studies are no longer only the subject of didactic offers of technical universities. They can also be found in universities.
IT studies is a certain process in which the participating student acquires theoretical knowledge and then, on its basis, acquire many skills.
Usually, at the beginning of learning, students learn the basics of information processing, algorithms, systems modeling, and object-oriented programming.
Then they consolidate their knowledge with:the area of ​​building and programming basic computer systems;

– 0rganization of operating and distributed systems;
– computer networks and information gathering systems;
– real-time software.

Naturally, curricula may differ from one university to another, although one feature seems to be common: computer science studies have numerous specializations.
You can meet: Computer graphics and multimedia, Software engineering and data analysis, Artificial intelligence methods, Computer networks and mobile systems, Game technologies and many other educational paths.