Business studies

Who is this direction for

Business service is a newly established, extremely innovative studio that meets the needs of the changing world and the modern labor market. Their program is aimed at developing managerial and business skills. Students will be comprehensively prepared to conduct and supervise business activities in the field of various industries, thanks to which they will have a chance to get an interesting and prospective job.

So if you are a person with many interests and visible leadership and managerial skills, then studies in business service will be the best solution for you. Take part in the recruitment process and find out that studies do not have to be a boring duty, and can become the beginning of a path to a great professional career.


What will you learn in the field of business services?

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of these innovative studies, you will have the chance to learn many new things in several areas related to running and supervising business activities. The aim of this modern course is to educate specialists in administrative and legal assistance with a focus on specific industries.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to learn about the specifics of the chemical, machine, metal or agri-food industries. In addition, you will learn more about legal issues and learn how to use legal regulations in your work. During your studies, you will be able to participate in meetings of numerous research clubs or business conferences, thanks to which you will develop your knowledge and gain new competences.

Moreover, all students will take part in compulsory student internships in enterprises of their choice and gain valuable work experience. In addition to directional knowledge, you will also focus on developing your language skills in a foreign language course of your choice.