There are about 200 countries in the world – those recognized as independent and those that are subordinate. There are regions that are densely populated, touristic, urbanized and desert, untouched by man, unchanged and virgin. Man as a conscious and thinking being has always been curious about the world and what is “behind the border”. Migrations of peoples, changes of settlements, conquests of new continents – all dictated by curiosity and willingness to see what is new. Nowadays, cell phones and computers allow us to make immediate interpersonal contact – even if two people are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. It also makes the network of air connections tightening more and more, thanks to which we can travel more and more often for less money to the other end of the world and learn about foreign cultures, people, their history and traditions.

Some people have great ease in understanding other cultures, planning a trip, and expanding their knowledge about the world. Those who do not have this facility can always use the services of tourist offices and consultants, where qualified employees will be able to help tourists and travelers. 

Who is this direction for

Therefore, if you are a person who is extremely curious about the world, has an organizational sense and spatial imagination, you should be interested in studying tourism.

Study program and subjects

They will provide you with knowledge in the field of natural, social and economic sciences. Thanks to this, you will be able to prepare a full tourist offer, ease in establishing contacts and knowledge of foreign languages. If you decide to study in this field, you can expect in your schedule such subjects as the history of architecture and art, human physiology, psychology, ecology and environmental protection, law, economics, management, the basics of tourism, tourist geography, sightseeing, tourism service, hotel industry, leisure education, environmental development and nature protection, plant and animal production, quality of raw materials and food products, human nutrition and many others in this field.