Learning Environment

A foreigner, within the meaning of Polish law, is any person who does not have Polish citizenship. Persons who have both a Polish passport (citizenship) and a passport of another state or several other countries are, by operation of law, treated in the territory of the Republic of Poland as Polish citizens. Foreigners may undertake and pursue studies, education in doctoral schools, postgraduate studies, specialized education and other forms of education, and participate in conducting scientific activities or in conducting education, on the basis of:

international agreements, on the terms specified in these agreements;
contracts concluded with foreign entities by universities, on the terms specified in these contracts;
minister’s decision;
decisions of the NAWA director with regard to its scholarship holders;
a decision of the director of the National Science Center (NCN) to grant funding for the implementation of basic research in the form of a research project, internship or scholarship, qualified for funding through a competition;
an administrative decision of a rector, director of a PAN institute, director of a research institute or director of an international institute.
The minister may also grant a foreigner a scholarship, financing or co-financing towards the costs of educational services and a lump sum for travel, living and accommodation costs. Funds are disbursed through NAWA. Foreigners who undertake third-cycle studies at doctoral schools run by universities and research institutes will also receive a scholarship: at the beginning in the amount of
PLN 2,350, and after the mid-term evaluation – PLN 3,632 gross. Foreigners starting education in doctoral schools may also apply for a doctoral scholarship under the “Implementation doctorate” program.